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Notes from Wendy!

March 23, 2002

Hello Again!

"It just keeps getting better!" That is what I think about being a "Mom." 

It is hard to believe that Max is already almost 5 months old. He is a little blessing. In fact, Brad and I tell him that he is a little blessing so often that he smiles really big when we look at him and say "Your a little Blessing."

The truth is that life does keep getting better. My recent trip to Virginia was one of my favorite weeks of Young Life camp ever. I keep expecting things to be harder because we have Max, yet the colors around the world have become so much brighter since Max came to live with us. 

So, Max has indeed brought great inspiration to write new music!

I am looking forward to sharing it with you very soon!





October 30, 2001

Hello from the Hospital!

Honestly Brad and I are overwhelmed with the fact that the precious child that we hold in our hands was inside of me just 24 hours ago. Was labor hard, yes-- but I would do it 100 more times if that is what it would have taken!

I am looking forward to spending the next month being with Max and Brad. Also I am getting excited about the Christmas tour that I will be doing, primarily because my travels will take me close to all of my dearest friends. 

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!






August 26, 2001


    As  many of you know, Brad and I are expecting our 1st baby on November 4th, 2001. It is an exciting time and I keep wondering what our son (who we have named Max) thinks when I play my guitar with it resting on my stomach?

    I am taking the next few weeks off as I focus on having a baby, but am very excited about my Christmas Album and the Christmas tour that I am doing. I hope that you can make it to one of my Christmas concerts-- it would be great to see you and I am looking forward to introducing you to our new son!